Shining a Light on the Bill of Rights and US Constitution


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  1. I read Carlos Miller about your treatment at the airport. Then I read your post bout being detained. I really liked your accounts, but sorry you had to endure them. I have been addicted to this subject for several months now.

    In Maryland, where I live, it is instant jail time due to their wiretapping law. I believe we should be able to video law enforcement. The BART Shooting would not have went as far as it did with out civilians taping. This technology gives citizens a new found check on the balance of power and law. If at very least police officers are not private citizens due to the public service they provide. As with any other public figure, we can record them as long as we are not prohibiting their work or travel. Oh Well.

    Good work.

    July 13, 2010 at 10:03 pm

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